The Best Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2018

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Link Build Like a PRO in 2018

Hey, this is Sheldon Reynolds, 19 year old internet marketer and SEO guru wannabe. In the picture to my right I am on a beach on the Mediterranean Sea. I spend my summers traveling and enjoying life, and I can afford to do this because I have kept up with SEO.

If you read any of the big blogs, you’ve probably heard that SEO is dead. “1 million reasons why you shouldn’t sell SEO”, “Selling SEO in 2017 is unethical”, “You cannot even rank for keywords its all about user experience”.

Good news, it is 2018 and SEO is not dead, in fact it is more alive than ever before and if you can master Link Building in 2018, you can do client, affiliate, and Ecommerce SEO and DOMINATE.

SEO is not dead, it is just more complicated.

SEO is no longer a game of exploiting google glitches to get uber fast results. No, SEO is now a legitimate trade. Link building is still the biggest key to success for SEO in 2018, it just needs to be done a little bit differently.

Im going to go in to three fundamental rules to keep in mind when link building in 2018.


While some black hat methods still work, only the elite black haters have them down to a science and know how to execute these methods to make them look organic in googles eyes. If you outsource to a crummy Link building agency, you will get no results and it will most likely hurt any positive link building that you do.

#2 Rule of Link Building in 2018: ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC.

It may seem difficult, but you can manipulate organic link builds. You don’t have to waste countless hours of your time on Blogger outreach and guest post negotiation. There are plenty of places to outsource Organic Links in 2018, I would recommend FatJoe to anyone looking to streamline Organic Link building.

If you want to build organic links on your own, I would recommend using AHrefs to Link steal.

Here is how it is done. Take the keyword “plumbers houston” as an example.

If you are picket plumbing (the listing at the bottom of this screenshot) and you want to build more links, copy the domain name of your biggest competitor (in this case Abacus Plumbing). and paste it  into Ahrefs like so:

Now navigate to “backlinks”.

Once you are here you have two options:

1.) Go through the plethora of backlinks manually and find ones you can reach out to for a link


2.) Select one link per domain and search a relevant term like “plumbers”, this will insure that the links you are going after are niche specific and makes them much more valuable to chase. If you were trying to rank for a city you could put “houston” or even mix the two “Houston plumbers”. I like this method of filtering through for quality before I actually dig through the links and reach out.


#3 Rule of Link Building in 2018: Build a Brand.

It is true that using exact match anchor’s over and over and engineering your brand itself to be a keyword match can hurt your websites rankings. To capitalize on exact match anchor links you need to have already established trust with your brand. I have found that when I follow this key principle, it will take a drastic amount of the link building out of the equation. Building branded anchors are much easier than getting exact match anchors. If you want to build links with this strategy, but do not really have it down to their own science, I would recommend Adam White’s “SEO Jet” software. This software performs an analysis on the links already built to your site then gives a “Link Map” for you to follow to achieve a very balanced and high performing link profile.

I believe if you do not do anything negative to your site, continue to create organic links, and focus on anchoring to your brand, you cannot go wrong and you will future proof your SEO.

However, there are many more practices and strategies that go into SEO in the modern day, this is just a broad outline. If you found this article helpful and want to learn more Link building strategies (including how I get 6-12 legit .edu backlinks for every single client) schedule a coaching session. If you would like to work with us, fill out our client form and we will get you a customized quote.

Other Aspects of SEO


Content In SEO

In the past, web designers used to cram their websites with as many keywords as possible. This was their style aimed at using SEO to increase the rankings of the websites they created. Although this plan worked, it was meant for websites that needed people to see their advertisements and obviously not to make them come back again. Today, this situation has changed as reputable companies have embraced internet marketing on a higher scale. These companies are learning the best ways to optimize their websites and this includes hiring professional services from SEO companies. Companies are not only attracted to attracting visitors on their site but also keep them coming back often. This is the reason why content is very important.

Content is King
Expert webmasters and other professionals involved in the optimization industry have a saying that states “Content is King.” This saying sums it all in as far as SEO content is concerned. Information on a website, and not its products, is the reason why visitors are attracted to it. Writing high quality content for your website ought to be the key factor of your strategy of ensuring its rankings go up and more visitors come back. Proper content writing requires lots of creativity and top-notch writing skills to make a website relevant to visitors. Below are some of the reasons why the information on your website ought to be nicely structured and well-written.

seo listYour Message Will Reach the Target Market Well
In order to ensure that your aim for writing on your website does not get lost, you should endeavor to write well. This is the only sure way that your target market will understand the message you are trying to put across and respond to your call to action. You should ensure that your blog article is free from typos and misspellings. It should also be properly structured and well thought to enhance the chances of people understanding your message.

Lower Bounce Rates
When you ensure that your content adheres to the right structure and it is well thought, the chances of readers on your website sticking around for longer will improve. Your readers/visitors will take their time to read through your website post and understand it. Proper website content results in lower bounce rates of visitors and this in turn increases the ranking of the site in search engines. SEO aims at improving the ranking of a website among the search engines and therefore it is correct to say that great content plays an important role.

Increased Trust in Your Website
Writing great pieces on your website or blog leads to earning more trust from your readers. Well-written content reels of professionalism and legitimacy, two factors that increase the level of trust that visitor have in your website. When people trust your website/blog, they are likely to return and keep coming back for more. This increases the popularity of the website and in turn more sales due to the increased traffic.

More Exposure and Social Media Attention
Blog posts that are well-written and thought through have very high chances of being shared on various social media platforms and talked about by people. In order for any post to go viral, you should first of all take your time to convince the first person to read it in full. This can only be achieved by ensuring that the blog post is rich in content to warrant the wide shares. Most SEO companies bank on this aspect and it explains why they place a lot of emphasis on writing great and interesting content. This great content keeps readers glued up to the last full stop and this drives the message home.

Lastly, it is important to understand that writing quality blog posts rich in great SEO content will not instantly improve the rankings of your website. However, writing great content consistently will automatically improve the rankings with time. Attractive content affects your SEO positively due to the low bounce rates and high chances of getting lots of social media attention. Proper content also plays a major role in terms of the conversions that take place in your website. When your message is well received by a huge audience constantly, it presents higher chances of first time visitors coming back for more leading to more conversions. This is one of the aspects that SEO companies bank on and it explains why they labor hard to get you quality content always.