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Want Increased online exposure?

Yes, you and every other small business owner in 2017 does. The reality is that in every niche imaginable, when people have a need, they want a solution. In 2017, the benefit of ranking in Google search for your niche is actually more powerful than any other form of advertisement. A close second would be Facebook/Social Media Marketing.

Google searches are the hottest form of online traffic available. By hot, I do not mean trendy. I mean the traffic being sent from google searches is ready to convert. If someone is going to sit down and Google “DUI Lawyer Colorado Springs”, they need a lawyer.

If you run a Billboard ad, Facebook ad, or even google ad. The likelihood of someone clicking on your ad/calling just because of curiosity (instead of need) is higher than an organic google search. This means the quality of your leads/traffic/phone calls will be better, and higher than any other form of advertisement.

In our experience this is a huge draw to SEO from a business owners perspective, because this means that their staff wastes less time processing unqualified, poor leads. Whenever your staff is winning more, everyone else is happy.

You ARE losing money if you aren’t ranking

If you aren’t ranked #1 in google, you are losing out on %30-50 of the total search volume in your niche! This means someone else, is getting this business. Even if you are on the first page, you could be getting as little as %2 of all the traffic for a given search term. Don’t let your competitors get ahead.

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