Importance of videos for SEO

When it comes to internet marketing, SEO is the first service that we think about. It is this service that helps in analyzing the rank of a website in search engines. However, people handling this SEO service often look for techniques and methods to improve the search ranking process. While looking for various resources, these SEO experts overlook the importance of online videos in this regard. Online videos are the secret weapons to increase the search rank for of a website. Going through the recent survey report, nearly 164 million online viewers pay more attention to videos than a page full of content. How? Well! For that, you need to spend a few hours of your busy schedule just to read through this content.

Time-saving option:

So, you want to write a full page of content for your website. Do you think today’s online viewers have the patience to read through the content? Hardly 50% of the viewers will do so. They will just read through the subheadings and move on to some other page. This is because for them a page looks interesting when it has relevant videos attached to it. However, if the content itself is presented in the video format, then it is much more preferred among the viewers. Videos always have the benefit of creating a fast impact over the viewers. If you are the owner, the video will influence the visitors to think as to why they should proceed with a business deal with you. This positive impact, in turn, influences in building up links for your site. In some case, too many clicks on the video have made it go viral over the internet. This is where SEO comes into play.

children videoSharing the video – As we all know, search engines helps in bringing authentic data and information to the visitors. The inbound links help in determining the relevancy of this data. When a viewer is visiting your website and finds a video with updated information, they will take the interest to share it. On the other hand, the video also needs to be compelling enough to a viewer. Thus once viewers start sharing it, you will be able to create an online presence in the business world, automatically. An experienced SEO service provider in India will always understand this fact and hence, will suggest you this option.

Increases viewers engagement – Study shows that websites having videos have their viewer’s attention for a longer period, i.e. more than 2 minutes. On the other hand, this result is opposite for the websites without video. In fact, audiovisual presentation helps a website to get more exposure in the search engines. As a result, this step will help your business to achieve first-page ranking in the search engine.

seo-1Additionally, a site such as YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It receives millions upon millions of visitors. That means that there is a large market of potential customers or site visitors that you have left untapped if you don’t tailor your SEO services towards them. If you can create an effective marketing video or instructional video on YouTube, it has the potential to spread around the Internet and gain great popularity. You will be able to reach out to thousands of people that you could never have otherwise.

The video for SEO helps you stand out from your competitors who don’t use these tactics. People are drawn to different pieces of media, and like seeing things that are different. What is going to make them more exciting, yet another page filled with text and technical details, or a series of short videos that demonstrates a product and how easy it is to use?

One of the largest areas of internet searches stems from people looking up how to do something. Reading articles can be boring and unfulfilling and they won’t always answer a person’s questions completely. That leaves the market wide open to create short video clips that demonstrate how to do something, whether it’s building something, making a repair, performing an exercise, or anything else.

It’s time that you advance your SEO services to the next level. Don’t follow the competition, try to lead the way and establish the trends for yourself. The video for SEO has become popular, but it is not widespread enough yet to be overdone. The time is now to expand your marketing ventures, and it’s likely that you’ll see quick, effective results.

Lastly, try by searching the websites using ‘everything’ option in the search engine. You will see that few business portals may not rank high in the search list. However, when you search the exact information using ‘videos,’ the link might appear in the first place. Thus, this also proves that to compete with the other rival companies; you need to add content with videos in your website.