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Dear Fellow WordPress Site Owner

We all know that WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly platforms on the Internet. Then why do some websites dominate the search engines and rank higher while some websites can never make it to the top rankings regardless of how much effort their owners expend?

Are you curious to know the reason?

Do you also want to achieve higher search engine ranking for your WordPress site?

If that sounds like you then let me share the HUGE secret behind the higher search engine rankings… that can bring automatic organic traffic to your site.

Well the SECRET that creates all the difference – the ONE THING that separates the ordinary sites from the higher ranking websites – is… their excellent “On-Page SEO”.

Yes, all the websites that rank higher in the search engines have outstanding on-page factors that even eliminate the need for too much effort on the off-page work.

The fact is that even the BIG SEO companies always start their SEO campaigns with the On-Page work no matter the niche, type or industry of the website. They believe that if the on-page factors aren’t laid out properly, then link building is useless.

Now we know how some websites rank higher – but the real problem is how to perfectly do the on-page SEO. It’s so difficult that even the search engine optimization experts find it hard to manually do the on-page SEO.

Now… the question arises how do those SEO experts and dominating website owners perfect the on-page SEO?

Well… They Use An Intelligent WordPress Plug-In For That Task!

Yes they do.

But these so-called SEO professionals never let anyone else know about it because they are afraid this truth could put them out of their jobs! I know because I am an SEO expert myself…

My team and I also found it difficult to do the on-page SEO manually– it was then I decided to develop a plug-in that can automate this tedious task.

So after months of research and hard work I finally cracked the code and developed an incredible next generation WordPress Plug-in.

And the plug-in spread like wildfire among the SEO professionals. Everyone realized that installing this plug-in is the way to effectively harness the power of WordPress.

Here’s The Incredible WordPress Plug-in ALMOST EVERYONE Is Using To Automate and Maximize the On-Page SEO of Their Websites…

SEO Blog Kahuna is the WordPress plug-in that has changed the face of On-Page SEO. It takes care of all the time-consuming SEO tasks of analysis, research and calculation and makes the whole search engine optimization so plain and easy that even a cave man can do it.

And that is the reason SEO Blog Kahuna is now used by THOUSANDS of savvy online business owners and smart internet marketers to achieve outstanding search engine rankings.

SEO Blog Kahuna Is Perfect For You

If You Own a WordPress Website

Because SEO Blog Kahuna…

  • Automatically optimizes titles, headings and images!
  • Has ZERO drag on website!
  • Doesn’t auto-bold, auto-italic or auto-underline your main keywords!
  • Smartly improves your SEO score!
  • Helps your site achieve top rank!
  • Drives more organic traffic to your websites!

If You Want To Rank High in Search Engines
Because SEO Blog Kahuna…

  • Offers automatic optimizations!
  • Offers smart suggestions to perfectly optimize your site!
  • Is perfect for on-page optimization!
  • Offers proven algorithm!
  • Instantly surpasses 90% of your competition!

If You Are Newbie and Want Help with SEO
Because SEO Blog Kahuna…

  • Offers complete tutorials on optimizing your website!
  • Offers intelligent options to optimize your on-page factors!
  • Helps you outshine 90% of the competition!

If Your Content Writing is Done by a Virtual Assistant
Because SEO Blog Kahuna…

  • Makes sure your content has a high SEO score before it’s published!
  • Provides step by step guidelines on optimizing your content while writing!
  • Allows you to easily check the optimization of content by checking the SCORES!
  • Offers complete training for your Virtual Assistant!

If You Are A SEO Professional
Because SEO Blog Kahuna…

  • Simplifies your job by automatically optimizing the site!
  • Save your time by offering score checking!
  • Train your staff to tweak on-page factors!

Here’s How This Intelligent, Next Generation, WordPress Plug-in Optimizes Your Website to Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings and Attract FREE Organic Traffic

  • Perfectly optimize your WordPress site pages and posts!
  • Displays the ranking of the pages or posts for the keywords on the dashboard!
  • Offers zero drag on the website and doesn’t auto bold and auto do things!
  • Filters non alpha numeric characters when analyzing your keywords so you can get creative!
  • Does all processing while editing the posts or pages!
  • Shows the scoring from Posts/Page Manager!
  • Smartly outrank your competition!
  • Offers wise suggestions to tweak your site for higher rankings!
  • Achieve higher search engine rankings for your WordPress website!
  • Automatically drives organic traffic to your WordPress website!
  • Retain the SEO tweaks even after the plug-in has been disabled!
  • Intelligently analyses Title, H1, H2 and H3 Tags for post and page headings in order to perfectly optimize them!
  • Analyses content length, keyword density and suggests changes for higher rankings!
  • Analyses the exact placement of your keywords on the posts or pages for top rankings!
  • Analyses images and links and suggests changes to improve the optimization of your website!
  • Smartly add alt tag to your images for better on-page optimization!
  • Accurately analyze and test your pages and posts on your WordPress sites!
  • Reveals Your On-Page SEO Scores right on the dashboard!
  • Proven algorithm that closely matches with the way Google ranks websites!
  • Automatically recalculates SEO scores when you change the content on any post or page of your website!
  • Offers one-glance SEO management on the dashboard!

This Is Real and Is Happening at This Very Moment…

Guess what? Hundreds of WordPress sites are already outranking their competitions in their niches with SEO Blog Kahuna plug-in, as we speak. These WordPress niche sites are already taking advantage of this plug-in to dominate their niches and skyrocket their profits.
“I STRONGLY recommend this product! As an SEO expert and content writer it’s been very hard to strike a balance, but now it’s EASY with SEO BLOG KAHUNA.”
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Darin Browne – Marketing Expert
Well Lets Take a Quick Glance at How SEO Blog Kahuna Outshines It’s So-Called Competition and Remains The Most Desired WordPress Plug-In


SEO Blog Kahuna Others
Offers ZERO drag on the website



Displays the ranking of the page or post for the keyword right on the Dashboard



Filters Non alpha numeric characters when analyzing your keywords



Auto bold and auto underline things?



No-follow manager



Is theme aware?



Add rel=”nofollow” to all external links



All processing done while editing the post/page



Display scoring from Posts/Page Manager



SEO tweaks are maintained after the plug-in is disabled or removed from the site



Post/Page Scoring 0-100%



Offers money back guarantee






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David Sprague
Website Ranking Specialist & Developer of SEO Blog Kahuna

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